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Meditation: The best sleep I ever have.

I’ve read about it, I listened to people talk about how good it is for you.
But when it comes to meditating myself, well my body says yay sleep time.
Within minutes I am nodding off and having a great nap.

If I really don’t need the sleep them I get the fidgets.
I have to move my legs, itches appear out of nowhere.
All these thoughts pop into my head that I really don’t need
to think about, or even want to know about.

So what do I do about it.
If meditation is so good for you, then why can’t I do it?
Am I trying too hard?
Am I not trying hard enough?

What am I actually doing while I am sleep meditating?
Maybe my spirit is off on a wild ride while I think I am asleep.
Off answering all the questions of the universe.
The why’s, the how’s and unraveling the mysteries of life.

I have tried guided meditations but just get frustrated because
some of them can be so slow. I find myself thinking,
yep done that what’s next, as the person talking tells me to take another
deep breath and another step along the path.

Maybe one day I will remember the adventures I have during
my meditation sessions. Maybe I just need to rest my body and
don’t need to have all the answers appear.

In the meantime, I will keep trying.
It’s always nice to have a nap and the sleep I am getting is doing me

Margaret ❤



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When you’re clear, things appear.

When you’re clear, things appear.

The law of attraction is a biggy for me. It’s worked but never in the way I expect it to.
If I focus on negatives then it appears in my face in seconds, but positives,
not a chance. I can do all the right stuff, read all the right books.
Write all the right affirmations and say all the right chants but if it’s for a
positive outcome, forget it. So why doesn’t it work.
Am I not trying hard enough? Or am I trying too hard?
It works when I don’t want something, easily. So where am I going wrong?
So I go out and I buy more books and I read more articles about being positive
and really focusing on what I want and still nothing! Is there maybe a connection between what I deserve and what I think I deserve. Apparently yes. So if I don’t feel I deserve what I am asking for then no matter how hard I try
or what I do it will not manifest.
So now what? How do I come to terms with not feeling deserving?
Currently I am trying to manifest my own home.
Had enough of renting, I want to be able to garden and paint walls and be a real person.
something that I feel being a tenant is denied to me. The attitudes of Property Managers are for the most part positive but you do get some who look  down their nose at you, like you are sub human. So for 30 years I have felt less than whole thanks to my living situation. Now how do I go about breaking those feelings of worthlessness?
I decided the other day that Agents should be grateful for me, after all without me
they would have no job.
They NEED me.
With this attitude in tow I rang my agent to organise the regular inspection and found
that everyone from the receptionist to the agent was positive and nice to me.
Hmmm maybe there is something in this self worth stuff after all.
You really do receive what you expect.
So now on to the rest of my life and my wants and my goals.
A word I am sure all of you have heard before and would know what it means.
But do we really understand it? When we are crystal clear about things, then things happen, just like that.
It’s amazing really. It’s like the Universe goes, yay she got it, here you go enjoy.
So the clarity is not in the plans or the goals or even deciding on every single detail.
It is in the belief that you and I deserve the very best of everything.
When you are clear in your belief of yourself, then everything else just falls into place.
The only step in the law of attraction is your own belief that you deserve.
When you have that you have everything.

Margaret ❤

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Hello my name is Margaret.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share my stories and adventures as I find my way in this life.

I do tend to ramble a lot and get off track but always learn something from it all, I hope you do to.

So sit back, relax and welcome to the weird and wonderful world of My Journey.


Margaret. 😀


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