Meditation: The best sleep I ever have.

I’ve read about it, I listened to people talk about how good it is for you.
But when it comes to meditating myself, well my body says yay sleep time.
Within minutes I am nodding off and having a great nap.

If I really don’t need the sleep them I get the fidgets.
I have to move my legs, itches appear out of nowhere.
All these thoughts pop into my head that I really don’t need
to think about, or even want to know about.

So what do I do about it.
If meditation is so good for you, then why can’t I do it?
Am I trying too hard?
Am I not trying hard enough?

What am I actually doing while I am sleep meditating?
Maybe my spirit is off on a wild ride while I think I am asleep.
Off answering all the questions of the universe.
The why’s, the how’s and unraveling the mysteries of life.

I have tried guided meditations but just get frustrated because
some of them can be so slow. I find myself thinking,
yep done that what’s next, as the person talking tells me to take another
deep breath and another step along the path.

Maybe one day I will remember the adventures I have during
my meditation sessions. Maybe I just need to rest my body and
don’t need to have all the answers appear.

In the meantime, I will keep trying.
It’s always nice to have a nap and the sleep I am getting is doing me

Margaret ❤



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2 responses to “Meditation: The best sleep I ever have.

  1. Cool. I fall asleep sometimes too and I understand about some guided meditations being too slow. I was trying to do one on the weekend and ended up giving up because it was tooo slow and my mind just went off on it’s merry little way but not at all meditative.

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  2. I think of meditating as stepping out of reality and practicing a calm state so that when I’m in reality or what I perceive as reality I can recall the calm state 🙂 I often meditate doing everyday things folding clothes, washing dishes drinking tea – meditating is basically focusing on a single thing with intensity – the kind of meditating you may have tried focused on breathing but you can replace breathing with anything! 💕

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