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A Little Procrastination


Something that I really am awesome at.

If there is a way to put something off, I will find it.

It’s one of my many talents.

But why do I and so many others do it.

Is it fear? Of failing? Of succeeding?

Or is it a bit of both.

How we feel when things don’t work out affects how we feel the next time

we go to do something along the same path.

This can get buried deep within our subconscious until we eventually don’t realize that we

are putting things off.

When success comes sometimes that can also lead to negative feelings.

Will I have to do this all the time? Will it be expected?

Thoughts like this lead to heavy expectations on ourselves and the stress and worry about performing

can lead us to put things off again.

We need to be persistent in our efforts to release these thoughts and allow us to be spontaneous

and to do the things that we want to do and do them well.

Let go of the pressure you put yourself under to perform or succeed.

Make your decisions firmly, use your inner power and strength to push away anything that will make you hesitate.

By doing things in the moment we eventually learn to let go of the negative thoughts that the ego sends us,

and life becomes much easier and flowing.

So for now I am going to try and be more conscious when I try to put things off and stop the inner

negativity from rising.

What about you?

Margaret ❤


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