The Message

I have felt the urge to write poetry for the last week or so.

I don’t fully understand what I have written but here it is anyway. 🙂

The Message
Allow the messages to come through,
what you find will become true.
Relax, allow the best to come,
all negativity will come undone.
Stretch yourself to grow and learn,
and be never so very stern
A pool of thought cannot be caught
if you allow it all to sort.
Memories begin to fade
and you come out from within the shade.
It all lies within your heart,
and know that we are never apart.
We belong together see,
and all of time begins to be,
forever in the arms of love
and strength is given from above.
The truth it lies within your soul
and brings you in from the cold.
Let the message vibrate now,
and never wonder at the how.
It all lies within you see
and forever more you will be
a part of me as I am you
and love will be there to guide us through.
Margaret Edwards
June 16, 2015


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