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Full Moon Madness

full moon july 1 2015

Tonight I saw a photo of the full moon taken by a friend, but I didn’t see the
moon, instead I saw something else. Something that excited me and gave me
I saw a being, an angel or a fairy standing over the moon and lifting a cloth
from over it. I saw it as spirit lifting the veil on the heart chakra.
Opening us all up to living authentically from the heart.
A new beginning. I felt an excitement so palpable I couldn’t sit still.
It showed me that this time is important, an amazing time to be alive.
The moon as the heart chakra glowed beautifully and fully, shining a bright
beam of inspiration and newness that this world so desperately needs.

The full moon always brings about a new beginning but this one feels so
special and so important, it’s almost like a new world is beginning.
For me this photo brings a feeling of upliftment and hope that has sadly been
missing for so long.
I feel like we are on the brink of a major step forward in our evolution and
our spiritual ascension. The directions we take in the near future have huge
ramifications for everyone on the planet.
The world around us is changing so quickly that a lot of us don’t know
where we stand or where we are heading. Trying to keep up with the changes
is hard for some and easy for others.
For those of us who are aware and awake the feelings of something different happening
will be foremost in our minds, those who are yet to awaken will find that things
become confusing or difficult and may not understand what is happening around
It is up to us to help ease the transition in a calm and loving way and allow it all to
happen gently and easily. the more we help those around us adapt to the changes,
the more easily then we and the planet will move into a loving and gentle period of
The excitement I feel on this full moon night is the threshold of a new life, a new world
and a new existence of love, peace, knowledge and expectation.

Margaret ❤

Photo Credit: Liz Corbeau


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