The Need To Write: Channel of Source Energy July 26th 2015

I feel the need to write.
Not sure what about but I will let it just flow as it will
What do I want to talk about, what do I want to allow out, what do I want to feel, where do I want to go? Why do I feel excited in one respect but also feel bolted to my chair as if unable to move.

There is something in the air that needs to be released, to come clean as it were.
Does it feel scary does it feel like you are on the edge of a precipice. the edge of something new.

Do not fear where you are headed, do not fear what is to come, allow the natural progression of things and it will lead to the next level of your existence.

The next part of your journey is a major change and newness that you have never before felt, something that will bring the depths of your soul to the surface and give you free reign to complete your journey in this incarnation in a way that elevates your soul into new territory.

These steps begin slowly and will help you become more comfortable with where you are heading, they will help you understand more about who you are and why you are here and what you have to offer.

The goal of the next period of your human life is to become you, to allow you to rise and appear out in the open to share and give and help and let others know that this life is an amazing journey not merely a trip from birth to death but a journey of learning and growing and understanding that is deep and more important than you can understand at this point in your

We all have a path or job as it were, a goal that we choose to undertake within a life time on this planet it is up to you how you get to where you have intended if at all, for some this may become a path that burdens so much that the soul decides that it is not ready yet for these experiences and so changes the direction of this life time.

Your soul is in control as it were of your ultimate destiny, this destiny is to return to source enlightened and more understanding of what true life is, it is about understanding all the different emotions and feelings the highs the lows the extra strength the inner strength the hurdles the obstacles, all is experience and all is welcomed in this journey you chose to undertake so long ago. it seems.

The how comes naturally the ways will be shown.

You have the choice to follow the signs given to you or to find another way, all leads to the ultimate goal regardless.

Some choose the hard way some the easy it is your choice, understand that we are here to help guide and assist where asked to do so and when asked to do so but you must ask.
We cannot interfere in your choices but can assist where needed.

This life is meant to be enjoyed it is a playground as it were of childlike beings learning new skills, new emotions, new feelings.

The joy of the experience of humaness is something that all souls wish to achieve at some point in experience. your path shall be to, if you so wish, help those amongst you that request and accept and allow your help.

Do not force yourself upon them or force your thoughts and ideas upon them, this leads to thoughts of not a pure nature but more human thoughts and that in turn leads to a longer journey than could be.

Help when requested, assist when required for it is your duty as soul to become immersed in all experience so that the whole may know too.

margaret ❤



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3 responses to “The Need To Write: Channel of Source Energy July 26th 2015

  1. Amazing work here, Margaret. Love your passion!

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  2. I was blown away with this one lovely lady – keep up the amazing work

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