Do We Really Need Rituals?

As I sat to write today’s post, I got myself into a comfortable position.

I took a deep breath, I made sure I was sitting straight and numerous other little things to get myself into the right “space”

Why do I do this? Why do you do this?

Why do we have the need to be in the right chair, in the right head space, in the right moment to allow messages to come

through to us?

Do we think that it will be clearer? Do we think it will be more important? Do we think it will somehow be easier?

We do the same in everyday life. We get up in the morning out of the same side of the bed, we put our shoes on in the right order. We get ready for work or our day in the same way. Is this merely just habit or is it some sort of superstition?

Why do we let our habits and little rituals control and rule us when there is no need to do things exactly the same way every time. It only serves to make us robotic and zombie like.

I know how hard it is to break this little idiosyncrasies, I park in the same place in a carpark. I always get myself in the lane I need even if I am not turned for many kilometre’s. I am prepared and ready just in case I can’t get in when I need to. I do the same thing every morning when I get out of bed.

These habits keep me stagnant and still and trapped in a reality that is never ending and boring.

Trying to break them can be the equivalent of walking of the edge of a cliff and landing safely. It’s a bit scary at times.

You get yourself into such a routine that it is almost impossible to break, but there is hope. Just one small thing each day can help you to break the habits of a lifetime.

Put the shoe on the other foot first one morning.  Does the sky fall in? No? Good, then keep doing it, swap and change and add little things each day. Eventually you will find your enthusiasm lifting, your joy in the world around you elevating and a new expectation of wonder each time you go to do something. It will feel new, it will feel exciting, it won’t be the same old thing.

Living your life tense and uncomfortable because you are not doing things the “right” way every day is not living, it’s existing and there is a big difference. Open up to possibility and surprise each and every day and watch the wonders that appear before you.

I sat in my chair stiff and not relaxed, nervous at what the message would be and my guides gave me exactly what I needed, and is as follows.

“Relax,  let it flow

You are so stiff and so precise and so structured.

Why so tense?

The message we have for you is one of joy and love there is no need to be so tightly wound.

The message shall come through in a way that eases your tension.

Why do you feel you need to be so precise when receiving the messages?

We do not need ritual nor sacrifice nor proper movements.

We merely need a relaxed channel to bring forth our message.

You have opened yourself to this communication.

Now we must ensure you are happy with it and willing to receive in a way that does not compromise your own truth.

Our message for today is to be as you are.

Be comfortable, be safe and let it flow in a way that feels joyful.

There is no need to set up to receive.

Merely open your heart and the message arrives.

We wish joy and peace for you and our message will be more easily understood if you can feel it rather than making everything in the right space.

Be open, be aware, be relaxed and be joyful and we will be here to guide and love you.”

So when it comes to living just be aware, be open and allow your life to flow.

Try not to put restrictions on how you do things.

Feel the joy in everyday things and each day will dawn full of wonder and love.

Margaret ❤



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2 responses to “Do We Really Need Rituals?

  1. Wonderful as always, I did start out ritualistic – now I just take things as they come and ‘go with the flow’ ❤

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  2. So much easier to let things flow, but I can completely understand how it can be difficult to break some routines. Thank you for this message.

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