The Trail of Creation

The Trail of Creation is the steps needed to move along your path to source.
We are on a path that leads us through many experiences and many lessons and trials. Each time we complete something it is another experience for the all. Each step we take leads us to another. These steps add to our own experience of life as human as well as the experience of the all.

Our spark of source that comes to this planet as human chooses the things we wish to learn and understand about this type of existence. All types of existence have their meanings and their reasons. You have chosen this existence this time around to understand the difficulties and the restrictions that life in the physical poses. Without your full connection to source and all it entails you have to go through each experience in order to remember it from a source perspective. Without these restrictions there would be nothing to learn from this existence as you would already know everything.

Do not strive to understand all at once for this is not the way to understanding. Each experience must be cherished and lived totally in order to understand regardless if the experience feels positive or negative to you as human it is all experience to source. The reason for life is to experience. There is much to understand in the physical as well as the non physical, there are many planes of existence and many dimensions, all for you to experience. Everything you learn helps source understand itself.

To understand more completely means to experience more deeply, more intensely that which is brought to you. The meaning of life is not to collect what you call physical items nor is it to amass power over others, although some of you strive for this. It is experience and only experience.

the trail of creation is the moving of one experience to another. You are not better than others of your physical kind, you are all equal, all experiencing. Good, bad, ugly and terrifying all are experience to be understood, to be felt. Experience is infinite, there is no end, no beginning there just is. Relish what you have chosen to bring forward in this incarnation. For they are why you are here. There is always something to understand with each, and each then moves you forward to the next. There are those who would skip through the experiences quickly in order to get to the next, they are only cheating themselves of the total experience.

There is much to be learned from each take your time for you are infinite and eternal. There is no running out of time there
are no limits to how and when you allow these experiences to appear. Allow yourself to feel each in totality and understand all that each brings to you. Each comes to you as you are ready, and each is something you desire to experience. You are where you are because you choose to be so.

Gives thanks and love to everything you experience and allow it all to fill your being with the joy that comes from understanding.

Margaret ❤


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