Walking The Labyrinth

The walking of the labyrinth is a way to control  our energies and emotions. A way to understand and pace out solutions and ideas. Each turn of the labyrinth is a moment of now that we can use to understand a certain point or feeling.
The labyrinth is a tool, something to concentrate our minds and our energies on. You will find that as you walk a labyrinth, that at certain points, the turns allow us to stop and think about our next move. This allows us to see the options before us and to consider carefully before we choose the one for us.
If you will, the labyrinth help us makes choices that if you were sitting in a room surrounded by people would be difficult to make. But in the walking of and then stopping to choose, we get a chance to listen to what our inner thoughts are, and so we have the space to be aware of all that is possible and all that can be. Then we make our choices based on our own perceptions.
When you are inside the labyrinth and you get to an opening you have the choice and the control of which path you take.
You make your choices based on gut feelings or intuition. If you use this way to make choices for all your life then finding the silence needed becomes much easier. Walk the labyrinth in your mind and at each turn evaluate the possibilities that lie before you. Which choices feel right and which do not.
Making your choices in the silence that the walking gives you allows a better connection to source, and through source your intuition is prompted and you will know the way. Each turn in the labyrinth is an inner space within ourselves, a place where
we can tune in and follow our highest guidance.
Find this place within yourself and walk the labyrinth to your truth.

Margaret ❤


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