Musical Epiphany

I love music, always have.

But I never seem to find the time to put a cd on or even listen to what I have downloaded on my computer.

I never really wondered why.

The other day I had an epiphany, minor at first but as I thought about it more, I realised that it was huge. Something that I had never allowed to escape the deep dark pit where I keep those things that mean so much to me. The emotion surrounding these things is hidden away from all those around me and even from myself.

The way I feel when I listen to music that I love has a way of moving me out of my comfort zone. Allowing this emotion has always seemed to me to be one of my weaknesses.

Much better to keep it hidden away so that I appear strong on the outside. Showing too much emotion would only serve to undermine my sometimes fleeting feelings of strength. Staying cold and sterile is much easier than feeling and dealing with the emotion that music brings.

All this changed with just one song.

As I listened and was swept away by the depth of what I felt, it scared me, but also made me realise what I was missing out on.

This one song brought me back to life in more ways than one.

The tears streaming down my face as the voices and the music transported me to another world broke down all the barriers that I had put up surrounding music.

I allowed the passion within the music to smash down the walls and allow all the pent up emotion to be free. Each time I listen I am still carried away by the beauty and the feeling of lightness and freedom.

I have become more passionate in other areas as well. Instead of stepping back and allowing the world to pass by without commenting or experiencing, I join in, I comment, I let my feelings be known.

It is a freedom that I don’t think I have ever felt before, and one that I do not ever want to let go of. I smile more, I laugh more. I feel happier than I think I have for a very long time.

The song and video by The Tenors has moved me in so many ways and I am forever grateful to them for their passion for their music and for the magnificent voices that move me to tears every time I listen.

When you find something that does this for you, don’t let it go. Live it and breathe it every day of your life. don’t ever allow yourself not to enjoy anything that brings you pleasure.


Margaret ❤





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  1. Absolutely love it, Margaret. xo

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