Energy and Frequency

My energy has soared over the last few weeks.

I feel more alive than ever before and so I ask how do we attract and keep constant the energies around us.

Energy is all there is and all there ever will be. All is energy but not all energy is the same.  The different frequencies connect with similar energies and clash with energies not within the same range.

This does not make one energy frequency better than another, it merely is. When you meet with people the energy they emit is the first thing you connect with, whether it is in person, over the phone or through video and photos. The energy signature of that person will either resonate with you or clash with you. There is no in between, there is clash or resonance.

You will feel uncomfortable with some yet at home with others, regardless of how long you have known them. We all connect via vibration and no matter how much we wish to like someone or to dislike someone or something, if we do not come together in a beautiful dance of energy then it will never be.

You can however attract this jarring and discordant energy into your space by dropping your own vibration. This is usually unconscious although there are some who desire the pain that this brings. Attracting this energy keeps them in a space of need and fear which is often painful and difficult to free yourself from.

By tapping into the feelings and emotions of your heart you can begin to understand what feels right and what feels wrong. Life in the physical on this planet can at times be stressful and ugly and painful, but it is up to us to listen and choose the path of joy and love. The vibrations we attract into our lives help us to live as we choose and to emit these vibrations to the world around us.

Raising your own levels of frequency can be difficult at times but finding things that bring us joy, laughter, happiness and love help make that choice easier. Smile more often even if no one knows why you are smiling, it is infectious and starts a chain of smiles that can reach around the world in seconds.

Listen to music, dance, sing, paint, draw, do what lifts your spirit and raises your vibration. You will feel it before you see it, you will understand it before you know it.

Different frequencies affect us in different ways. There are frequencies that heal our bodies and minds, those that open our senses, those that make the love we feel soar higher than ever before.

Find the frequencies that feel good to you and let them raise you to somewhere your soul has never before gone. Your skin will tingle, your heart will swell with joy, your aura will expand and envelop the entire world, wrapping it in the gentle loving energy that you emit.

Trust that the music of the universe will connect with you at the right level and allow yourself to merge completely with it. Let the love fill your soul and so shall it be.


Margaret ❤



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