The First Day

We have a message for you that you will seem to understand better at this time. When you feel with your heart things have a way of clicking into place.
Your heart is opening, you have felt this, you have known this.
Your heart chakra has opened and with it comes a more compassionate and loving vibration into your life. You are now opening to love, something that you have allowed to slip from your life for too many of your earth years. This longing will increase over the next period of your time, allow the feelings to come up to be felt and to be heard.  Your life is only beginning to open up to that which has always been there but which you have pushed away. Open your heart to your desires and all will be revealed for you.
Go with the emotions and thoughts that you have been feeling for some time now. Allow them full reign and they will expand and grow into something beautiful. Be you, always be you for you can be no other. You are unique in your outlook, in your thoughts, in your dreams and in your goals. There is no other like you, your spark of source has been and always will be a unique expression of truth. Allow this truth to fly high and so shall your new year fly high, with opportunities and choices.
You are on the verge of a new time in your path on this planet, Allow
the vibration and the frequency from your heart to guide you to where and how you will be. Your energy has risen dramatically in the last few months of your old year, you have come to understand that your life is special as are all lives on your planet. One is not better than another they just are and that is truth. Truth that comes from love which is all there is.
Feel guided to take the next steps in your journey through this life time.
It will bring you much joy, much sadness, much love and much pain. All though, is experience and each experience leads us to new territory. Embrace all experiences as without them you cannot understand your place. The bad are there to highlight the good and all have a lesson or potential to increase your knowledge and vibration. You cannot have good without the bad, for then how would you differentiate between the two.
Understand that listening to the lower experiences while riding the joy of the higher experiences teaches you to rise above and grow and learn. This is your path, this is your goal to return to source enlightened by what you have learned from this earthly journey.
Live this next year of this life from your heart, allow it to guide you always in every way and then nothing you do will be of no consequence. Enjoy and love and live this year. Give out what you wish to give and you receive that returned in abundance.
Know that you are loved eternally regardless of your own earthly deeds.
Remember you are a spark of source that wishes to understand itself more and fill this year with deeds that bring joy to you, to those around you and to your planet.
Be well, be happy for you are loved immensely.


Margaret ❤



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3 responses to “The First Day

  1. Sharee

    Thank you Margreat. You are an Amazing Angel & writer.
    Happy New Year to you. Your guidance has opend my heart. Thank you for your Love & Healing.
    May you be Blessed with all the Happiness & Pure Abundance in the world. Your so deserving of all!

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