The Music Within You

I have a need to write again. the feeling of a song I have been listening to has impelled me more than ever to understand the music that is within me.


My vision of a labyrinth and the music that flows within it is coming to life. I see it, I feel it and now I need to write it and play it. When music affects you in certain ways and there is no where else to go but to follow along then you know that there is power behind it. Your body vibrates at a different rate than normal and every cell in your body tingles. The sounds take you on a journey within that mesmerises and holds you captive.

At this moment in time I cannot stop listening to this composition by Remigio Pereira. It transports me into worlds unknown and into other lives lived and lost. It brings tears to my eyes and the emotion wells up inside me unlike anything I have felt before.

This is the purpose of music, the entire reason for music. To be taken out of your normal everyday life and into the realms of magic and mystery. To feel that which you have not felt before. To cherish and love each note and each sound as it makes every cell in your body dance. Without music the world would not be. Without music life would not be. Without music I would not be.

To rediscover the passion and beauty that music brings me is a wonderful thing. I am saddened briefly by my choice to abandon music and dwell in the depths of depression for so long. Now I am awake and every note of each piece of music that I listen to brings me even more joy. Music has become again an important part of my life. So important that I feel a deep need within to write my own music. I feel it inside me and it aches to be released.

We all have music within us, although many ignore the call to allow it’s voice to be heard. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul, the music is inside you and longs to be heard. Write and play and feel the love that comes from expressing yourself with music.

It does not matter if no one else physically hears it. You will hear it, you will feel it. It will emit it’s frequencies out into the world. It’s very vibration will spread out into the world spreading love and peace where ever it flows. Let what is in your heart be free. Listen to your music, listen to the music of others. Find that which causes your vibration to raise itself to another level, another place, another life.


Margaret ❤



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