Soul Connection.

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Do you sometimes look at someone and feel an intensity that you cannot explain? Do you see a photo of someone and it draws you in helplessly? Do you feel that there is something just that little bit out of reach, something that is so close but just not close enough?


When you feel an energy that makes your whole body respond, then you are feeling a soul contact. These connections have the power to affect your heart and soul. There is an excitement felt that seems strange and without meaning or logic. The energy that we feel in these situations pulls us closer to that which matches our own frequency and energy.


These contacts can be fleeting but powerful or can be so intense that they completely change every part of your life. The quote, for a season or a reason comes to mind. Some contacts are to set you on a path that you have never been on before and some are to connect in a deeper way with someone who will be by your side as your life undergoes a monumental upheaval and becomes something new and beautiful.


This intense type of contact causes your heart to emit a vibration so pure and loving that it cannot help but to draw to it the matching energy. You may go through many deep intense feelings as you merge your energy with that of another who responds vibrationally to you. There is an attraction that is hard to explain, it is not physical it is spiritual. It is as though you are two magnets being drawn together. You cannot escape this kind of attraction.


When you feel an energy this strongly you must follow it, there is no way not to follow. You are pulled along by a frequency connection that is so beautiful and so intense that it has no choice but to find its match. Energy has no boundary, when the call comes from your soul, the energy shall respond. Time and distance have no meaning and the connection will be felt no matter where you are.


You glow like a candle in the dark, reaching out to the one who seeks you and they are drawn like a moth to a flame. The longing increases, the knowingness increases. You feel it with every emotion. Feel this with your heart, for it is your soul reaching out for its kindred partner. Once the attraction has begun it will not cease until it has merged completely.


You will feel the initial pull from your heart. The feeling that something is missing but is close by. An expansion of your heart chakra as it begins to sing it’s song that calls out for blending and perfection. Listen with your heart, its music calls to that which is compatible and true. when this happens there will be no doubt.


Love is the connection between us all and with it comes the responsibility to share it. Do not keep it locked away within your heart, allow it free reign. Allow it to flow where it will and to connect to that which it seeks.


Margaret ❤





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