The Blissful Moment of Understanding

The reasons for everything are clear to see, plainly in sight and before your eyes. You know this, you see this and still you fight every step of the way. Learn to let go, practice this in every waking moment and in every dreaming moment. Listen to your innermost thoughts they will not lead you astray. They are on point and thinking that maybe just maybe there is something better only blocks the guidance that you so dearly wish to receive from coming through.

Waiting for something better only extends your waiting. You wait so long that when it finally happens you do not see it, you are still waiting for that something better to appear. You get angry, you get upset because things are not going the way you want them to, but at every moment you are pushing away what you deeply want, and you moan and groan and complain that it’s not right, it’s not fair. When all along you are blocking yourself from the beauty of your own life.

How do you feel when you accomplish something? Elated, overjoyed, happy? Why then would you push away those things that bring those emotions to you? Do you not wish to live in joy and peace always? All you do is perfection, whether you realise it or not. Focus on those emotions of joy and love allow those feelings to be at the center of your heart and your life.

Life is not meant to be taken so literally that every step must be perfect. Every step is already perfect regardless of what it is. Trust is what makes those steps perfection. Trust that things will go the right way, trust that what you feel, hear and see is right for you. You will feel the truth in your heart, truth is always beautiful, truth is always calm, truth is always ready to reveal itself if only you open your heart to it.

Open your physical eyes, open your inner eye, open your heart. We are here for you in all ways and at all times. You can push us away and decide to go it alone and that is your choice, but understand we will be here and waiting for you, whether you acknowledge us or not, to open and allow assistance, and then we will gladly give it.

Allow, for in this moment of newness you can achieve all your heart desires. Relax and calm yourself, stress only causes blockages not fluidness. Be calm, steady, aware and awake, and open to all that you are and all that you can and will be.

Invite your purpose into your life, into your heart, into your space and allow it to expand and envelop all around you. We await your questions, we await your requests. We await with honor and love for that moment of recognition that you are you and that is all you have to be.

There is much we wish to share with you and as you open and allow we shall communicate on these things. For now, rest, heal and expect. Blissful moments await you in your understanding. We await with great joy and great love your acceptance of who and what you are. We await the moment of joining, the moment of pure loving acceptance, the moment of undeniable understanding.

Margaret ❤



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  1. Fabulous- thanks so much. xo

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