The Nature Of My Reality

I had an interesting experience the other day. I was talking with someone and they interrupted me to say “Your hair looks different today, what’s the occasion?” I stopped mid sentence and said that it was the same as I normally do it. I even went and looked into a mirror to see if something was different and it wasn’t.

It got me thinking about reality and our perceptions of what is around us. When we look at something are we all seeing the same thing?

We all see what we expect to see, not what is actually there. What is actually there is a lot of energy and vibration that forms into the things we see. It is our perception of how things are supposed to be that forms the reality around us. If you expect to see something horrible that is what you will see, but then someone with a more positive energy will see something not so bad at all. It’s all in what we expect.

Our thoughts really do become things. I look at the world around me and see some beautiful things and some not so beautiful things. I read passages that people write about certain things or places and fail to see what they see.

I have always preferred to read a book rather than or before I see a movie of that book. What I see as I read the words never matches up to what appears on the screen. Sometimes I watch movies and think, that could have been so good, what were they thinking!

I have started to ask myself am I seeing the real world or am I seeing my interpretation of that world. I have decided that real is only real in the mind of each individual on this planet. We can stand next to someone and look at the same thing but we both will see something different. It may be the color, it may be the shape, it may actually even be the entire form. But no one else will see what I see because they are not me.

I have a friend online and when we chat I picture her energy a certain way, not what she looks like but her energy. Then when I see a picture of her I get a little freaked out. She does not look like, in my reality, what she feels like.

So does my energy feel different to what I look like? Yes absolutely even to myself. When I look in the mirror I see the shell. I don’t look like I want to look like and I don’t look like I feel like. Try it for yourselves. Stand in front of the mirror and close your eyes. Feel your energy, really feel it. How does it look to your closed eyes, what does it look like in your mind? Now open your eyes quickly and look at your reflection. Do they match? Do you look like you feel?

I know that when I go to work, people expect me to look a certain way, and when I change things about myself I get strange looks all day until they figure it out. some don’t figure it out. They do not see any of the changes I have made because in their reality they do not fit and they do not exist.

Maybe that is why people you have been connected to can slowly drift away from you. You stop being the you that you are in their eyes and that does not fit with their version of life. So they disappear as you make new friends and a new life. They stay behind in the reality they have created that you no longer fit into.

Makes me understand more the nature of manifestation. The more I feel the energy of what I want, the more that energy forms into my reality. All manifesting begins with a thought of what you want. That thought begins to grow and become a part of your reality until you look up one day and you are living that thought.

I know now that I can manipulate my reality to be what ever I choose it to be. My reality becomes what I feel inside, what I think inside and what I focus on inside.

Is your reality what you want it to be? If not, feel what you want it to be and allow it to become. It’s that simple. We as humans just make it harder because we feel like we have too. We feel unworthy if we don’t work hard for it. Well I have worked hard and still my reality stays at what I feel it to be, so now I will change my feelings and my thoughts and my outer reality will match my inner reality. Try it and see what you can achieve.

Margaret ❤


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  1. Extremely interesting discussion, thank you

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