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Pure Potential

Potential, the possibility of development, something we all have. Or so you would think. Where does this potential begin? What spurs it into action? What has to line up in order for this potential to turn into action and achievement?

Your potential for anything comes from within. It is what you are born with, it is something that develops as you grow and learn. Something that is always there whether you believe it or not. Can you force it before it is ready? Can you stop it once it starts to gain momentum? Can you hide from it and hope it all goes away?

We are all born with ideas and thoughts and dreams and goals. We work on them while we dream, while we work and while we play. They develop from a small spark into a thunderous avalanche of movement and action. Your passion develops it, your love develops it and each moment of each day that you spend thinking about what you would love to do, it grows just that little bit more. Until finally you are ready to take center stage and bring it full force out into the world, for everyone to see.

Will everyone be as excited as you are? Not likely….. but your excitement is what drives your potential. As it gathers strength and rolls along others begin to see and understand what you have been talking about for so long. They see a small spark of potential in your idea, and so the potential grows even more. Until one day you wake up, and boom your potential has blossomed into a fully fledged reality. Are you proud?, damn right, are you excited?, more than you ever thought you could be.

If you could bottle that magical feeling that comes when you achieve your potential, you would be rich. It would be sold out in moments. Everyone wants and needs to feel that elation of success. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it just has to be something that you nurtured with love. Something that grew with you, something that made everything worthwhile.

You do understand your potential is unlimited, right? Everyday you can tap into your inner most thoughts and bring forth something into being. Everyday! That magical feeling of success and achievement can be yours everyday. Open yourself up to it, allow it space in your thoughts, allow it space in your heart. Allow it the chance to break through the surface and grow. Allow yourself to accept it, allow yourself to feel it, and allow yourself to understand that this is what life is all about. Not slaving away in a job you dislike, sitting in traffic jams just to get to a place that depresses you. No, life is more than that, life is feeling the beauty of everything around you, life is achieving something beautiful out of seemingly nothing.

Every night when you go to bed, think about what you could potentially do tomorrow. Every morning when you wake think about what you could potentially do today. Then go out and make something happen. Allow that spark of pure potentiality a chance to emerge and grow.

Go on, I dare you….

Margaret ❤





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Expect Miracles


It’s Monday, blog day. As I sit to write tonight, I really have no idea what it is going to be about. I spent the day moving furniture, which I shouldn’t be, but needed to move my bed in order to find a better way of sleeping. Waking every two hours during the night is getting frustrating and tiring. So maybe a change of direction will do the trick. I have been burning lavender oil in my room to attempt to relax my mind and body enough to sleep through the night. Still though, it was two hours then waking, tossing and turning and finally back to sleep for another two hour episode.

There are those who say this lack of sleep and waking during the night, are symptoms of something new awakening. My body and mind are preparing for a new beginning and a new life style, and as such there is much chatter in my head. My fears surrounding my health and fitness as part of this new lifestyle are making me nervous and stressed at times.

How can I begin something new when I cannot leave the pain behind. It’s an excuse, I know it is. Much easier to stay in the comfort of the known than to move forward into the unknown. So I am using my pain as a crutch that lets me stay exactly where I am. I got really angry yesterday, more with myself than anyone else, I felt resentment for all those around me who have their lives in order.

I allowed the pain to overtake my mind and my heart and although I kept my anger in my head, it still made me feel horrible. I felt let down, I felt abandoned, I felt like a waste of space. I don’t have my own home, I don’t get to spend enough time with my family, hell, I can’t even afford food at the moment. Not a nice place to be in and not a pleasant head space either.

I had thoughts today that I should focus on my health problems, for while I still experience this pain, it makes it hard to focus on the good parts of life. Then I was reminded by a good friend, that good health would be part and parcel of focusing on the good parts of life. So today I was active. It is my one day off from work and normally I try to rest as well as do the normal household chores. Today the bed was moved, I defrosted the freezer. I used a hammer, but that’s another story 🙂 I did the housework, as much as I could. I am so very sore now but I feel good, I feel better. Today I accomplished something, and for quite a while it has been hard to feel that way.

Yesterday I gave up. I was done with pain and people and anything else that came within my vision. I yelled to my angels that, this was it, I give up. I know they heard, they always hear, but it is still up to me to find the strength I need in which to make the changes that are needed. They will be there to guide me, to leave me clues as to the right path to take, but I need to take that step. Maybe giving up was what I needed. A release of sorts. No more pressure.

So for now I will work on focusing my thoughts on the positive that I wish to see in my life. I will work through my pain issues with the help of those around me. Instead of wishing to be pain free I will wish for health and fitness. Instead of wishing for just enough to pay the bills I will wish for abundance and prosperity.

I deserve and so do you. Aim high, always aim high. If you don’t reach that height then keep trying. You only get what you ask for, so believe that you deserve the very best and always expect it. Expect a miracle every day of your life.

Margaret ❤




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Trust And Allow

I am very logical. I write lists, I plan things carefully. I park in the same place in carparks. I put my shoes on the same foot first and my socks and my pants. When I tap my fingers on the table, it is in an order, not random, a pattern. Everything from the head, not from the heart.

I was reminded today by a wonderful lady and healer, that I need to work from the heart. I’m not sure I know how. I get so used to things being the way they are that I forget what the other options are. For those that read my blog, you will know I have had physical problems with my leg and hip for the past year. I am getting to the stage where I can walk almost normally, but I am finding that doing that is not as easy as it should be.

I can feel and see myself limping when I know I don’t need to, not always at least. I think I have forgotten what normal feels like. I know I still have the fear that my leg will not hold me up and with that uncertainty there may be pain. I do not trust my body to work in the way that it should. Fear is still a huge factor in my life and with that fear and lack of trust I have become a stagnant little pool of helplessness.

Everything is out there just waiting for me to say yes, and I say no by retreating back into the comfort of pain and misery. Why would I want to stay in pain and misery, because it is known. Because it is safe. Because I know where I stand. Because I am afraid to take that step towards my dreams. So today’s reminder of my readiness for the new life I envision, is once again an opportunity to make the changes needed.

I have had so many opportunities over the past few years to make these changes, but I always manage to crawl back to the safety of my cage. A cage built from fear and unworthiness. A cage that must, this time, be demolished once and for all. I can no longer retreat for I see now, finally, what I am doing to myself. Before I never saw it until after I was safely back in my cage, and then felt a disgust for myself and a pity that one should never feel for themselves. Now I see it as it happens. I can stop myself, although not completely yet, from retreating back completely. Rather than pity, I try to boost myself. I am proud of the fact that I have come far enough to see the damage I do to my self esteem and my emotions as it occurs.

Now it is time for that next tentative step. One small step that has the potential to change everything. One that will open my life and my eyes, one that will allow my dreams to finally come true. One that will allow me finally to be the person I have always had hidden away behind a thick wall of fear. One step, that is all it takes, just one small step full of fear and anxiety, but one that must, this time, be taken. For without this step I will forever be trapped in a self made cage of plans and dreams that have no chance of ever becoming real.

Am I scared? Absolutely! Am I afraid of what others will think? Absolutely! Am I afraid of what others will say? Most definitely! For me it is now or never. I must move now, there is no other way for me to go. I must have faith in those in spirit around me, those who guide me and love me no matter what. Most of all I must trust that all will work out in a way that has been a long time coming. Most of all I must allow.

Fear rises up as I type this. It sits on my chest like huge weight. I am tense but I am breathing and I will release this weight and allow my life to be as it will.

Margaret ❤




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Spots and Excuses

I woke up one morning last week with a few spots on my arms. Ignored them and went on my way. Woke up the next day with a few more and then found them all over myself. So now I have been trying to figure out what has gone wrong this time. I seem to be moving from one illness or pain to another with almost clockwork timing. As one thing clears another begins.

Am I allergic to something or is it something a little more sinister? I have had all the normal things that cause rashes. My boss joked that I was probably allergic to work, and I am beginning to think he is right.

I seem to come up with physical ailments at the drop of a hat this last year or so. Whenever I get a little negative something happens. Whenever I need a rest, something happens. Whenever I am annoyed or angry, something happens. I seem to have a reason for not doing things lately.

I have an excuse for everything. It’s not that I don’t see it or know that I am doing it, because I do, I just can’t control it….yet. Trying to get me out of my comfort zone is like pulling your nails off, just doesn’t happen without a lot of pain. Pain mind you, that if I just took the damn step would not be needed. I know there are changes I need to make, changes that I must make, but taking that first step towards them is a step that seems so big and scary that I am not sure I can do it. So then come all the excuses for not doing it. I can make up an excuse on the spot for almost everything. the only excuse I do not use is the the true one: fear.

I am not really sure why I fear moving forward and doing the things I have always dreamed of doing. I have the most magnificent ideas on what my life would and could be like but fear has always stopped me from going after those dreams. Am I scared of actually getting there? Am I scared of succeeding? If I succeed, what is next, if anything? Do I love the journey more than the goal? The journey should be the best part, but for me the journey stops at step one. I manifested pain in my leg and hip, that stops me from walking properly. Emotionally not  being able to move is also physically stopping me from walking.

I can only use these excuses for so long, eventually I will run out and have to actually move from my little spot and go out into the real world. Once I take that step I know it will all be worth it. My life will fall into place and all my dreams will begin to become reality. My spots will disappear and be replaced with something else, until I take that step. For now it seems that I prefer the pain to the changes, and that needs to stop. Changing my life would be far less painful and much easier than it is at the moment. I am letting my pain, and my spots and my excuses take control of everything.

It is time to take back my power. Leave the excuses behind and make a move. I will start with something small, something that does not scare me as much as the bigger things. Just one small thing to set it all in motion. After this things should begin to flow. Everything will fall into place and I will be on my way. It is time to leave behind the spots, the excuses, the maybes and the one days. Now is the time to move, now while I see how I am sabotaging myself and blocking myself.

Are you ready to take that step? I think I am. I know I am.

Margaret ❤


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