A Little Forward Movement

Another day, another step forward. Last night I made some plans and took that first hesitant step forward. I am going to write my book, and the course that will accompany it. The plans for a Facebook page and closed group for students also took shape. A website will follow and link all together into one comprehensive plan.

The excitement I feel as I make these plans stimulates even more ideas and goals. I know this is the right thing for me to do and how I feel about it shows that. The content currently is a large amount of notes and writings that will eventually be turned into a coherent and flowing body of work. The temptation now is for me to get stuck in the details. Something that has plagued me in the past. The ideas I have get lost within the goals and plans and are forgotten in the frenzy of planning.

This time however, I have taken it all a little further than before and my focus will be more on the content than the plans. Getting started on organizing the writings I have already done will be the next biggest step. As I know that once I pass that first hurdle things will fall into place much more easily and the content will flow rapidly.

I still need to find work though. As much as I would love to devote all my time and energy to this new project, I know that it will not pay the bills that are due in the next week. What all this planning, excitement and movement has done is to raise my personal energy and vibration. A renewed sense of purpose is almost a miracle in itself. Especially after the negativity of the week just gone.

So now armed with a plan and a dream, more energy and less pain, I also am ready for an opportunity for work to come to me. Instead of manifesting jobs that are so far out of my reach, this week I intend to manifest the right jobs and the right opportunities for me. I am ready to work again, I am ready to put my mind to use and ready to take control of my life and future again.

One more little step on the path to recovery and usefulness again. A little elevation of the worthiness factor and a little more emotional connectivity to the world around me. I have opened the door a crack, and am peering through. Trepidation and fear still surround me but, not as much as before. Now that I have opened the door, that next step through it becomes a little easier.

Plans have been made but there is no pressure to do it all at once. Little by little I am returning to the world as a participant rather than an observer and it feels good. For too long I have stood back and watched as those around me moved forward and achieved their goals. Now it is my turn, I am ready, willing and able.

Big deep breath and ready for the next step.

Margaret ❤




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2 responses to “A Little Forward Movement

  1. Deborah

    Well done I can’t wait for this all to come to fruition when the time is right it will as you say just fall into place, you have the passion and the right attitude.

    Here’s sendings positive thoughts for getting the right job

    Thank you for your words & email recently


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  2. Thank you Deborah 🙂


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