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Manifesting Madness


Today is the start of the second of my two weeks off. I feel much more rested and my brain is actually working. My body is healing but I still need to find some strength and energy. That will be this weeks focus. I have had the time over the past week to sit and think about my life. What do I want? Where do I want to be? What do I want to be? How and I going to get from here to there?

I started a manifesting ritual, a simple activity to imprint my desires into my heart and soul. With a smile on my face and my pen and paper at the ready, I started thinking about my first affirmation. So many things to choose from, what should be first? Do I want the money for things, or do I want the things? Which is the best way to phrase it all?

My first attempt was 4 lines long :/ Far too long to be writing out by hand multiple times.So I adapted it the next time, still a bit long but I persevered and made it through. Finished it all up and tucked it away somewhere that it will be safe. Now I wait for it to appear like magic in front of me. It happens for others so why not for me.

The part that is not made clear is that you actually have to do something in order for your desire to manifest. It’s all well and good to write out my affirmations, say them out loud and however anyone else tells you to do it, but, you have to actually do something. I can see many people sitting at their front doors waiting for a huge check that may never arrive, or waiting for that awesome job offer to appear even though the company does not know who you are or that you even want to work for them. So what do you have to do?

The written and vocal affirmations are just the beginning. If they make you smile, and raise your vibration, then they have done their job. Now get out there and apply for that job, or find a way to bring that huge check into your life. I know there are those who have manifested in this way, a check turns up out of the blue and things all fall into place magically. But that doesn’t happen for everyone, for some of us it takes a bit more work, a lot more faith and support from the universe around you.

Maybe I should try that. Sit in my lounge room every day for a month, meditating and affirming that a cheque for $100,000 is going to appear any second. It might work, it might not. What I do know is that for those that things like this happen to, they have done something in the past that allows for it to manifest. They may not remember what they did or how they did it, but somewhere along the way energy, their own energy was involved in helping things to fall into place.

Energy is the most important part, along with intention. You have to really want it, not just want it today and want something else tomorrow. The universe matches your energy with the energy of what you want. So whatever you have your intention set at, will manifest. Good or bad doesn’t matter, it’s all about the energy.

Have you ever looked at something and thought, I don’t want that to happen to me, or I don’t want that in my life. Then boom, it manifests almost before your eyes. Into your life like magic and so not welcome. Your intention was set on what you didn’t want, but the universe does not understand want or not want, it only understands energy. Where your energy is focused is where things happen. Whether you want it or not you will get it.

My own little manifesting affirmation is something that I have wanted for a long time, and also something that I never thought I could have. Although I have very focused intention on the goal and dream I also know that the negative part of the all this has, up until now, had the strongest energy. So this time I have focused on the feeling that having this manifest will bring me. Thinking about it makes me smile and gets me excited. This is the feeling and the energy that is needed to bring this all into being.

So now I have asked, I have focused, I have put all my most positive intent into it and have let it go. It will be tucked away somewhere safe while I get on with the business of living my life. Then one day I will find and open it and marvel at how quickly it all came about. How wonderful the universe is and how lucky I am. But deep down I will know that I have taken a small step every day in order to help this along. I may not have the money yet to achieve my dream, but I can do all the parts that don’t require money. I can and will put my happiness and focus into the little details that all come together to make my manifesting successful.

One step a day, just something little to help your dreams manifest is all it takes. So now it’s up to you. One small step a day or sitting waiting for it all to just arrive. What’s your choice?

Margaret ❤



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Notice Of Intent

Today I was thinking about my life. How everything has worked out to get me in the sometimes crappy space I am now in. It’s not all bad, mind you, but sometimes I wish I could swap with someone else.

So today I was thinking about what I don’t want my life to be like and suddenly I felt down. Thinking about all the things you don’t want in your life is depressing. So many people tell me to concentrate on what I want. Focus on the good stuff. I agree with them and then go merrily about my way thinking of all the stuff I want gone.

So today I felt better about things, so I decided that, yes, I am going to think about the life I want. And so, my notice of intent was born.

I wrote about how I live, I wrote about where I live. I wrote about my beautiful home, my wonderful work. I wrote about how happy I am to have this beautiful life and how everything has fallen into place. I expressed my gratitude that this or something better is my life. I signed it and dated it and put it in my pocket.

Under normal circumstances I would find the piece of paper in my pocket when I did the washing and would throw it out. Never allowing it a chance to grow and become my reality. But today was different. In order to do the work I would like to do, there are steps that need to be taken. I took one of those steps today, not a big one, but a step nonetheless.

As I sit here and read through this letter to myself, I smile and picture the reality of this intent. It is not an over the top dream of massive wealth and a mansion, it is my dream of doing the work I love. Helping people that request what I have to offer. Living a simple but beautiful life, full of love and abundance.

It is now up to me to keep taking those steps and visualising this as my life. There are parts of it that can be made real right now. There are parts that can fall into place quite easily, if I allow it. That is the hardest part in all of this, the allowing. Being able to receive and allow all that I dream of.

Today that first step was taken. Tomorrow and every day after that I will take another. Until one day I wake up and read through this note and understand that I am living that reality. I will not focus on the future nor the past, I will focus on the now. What can I do now that brings that reality a step closer?

Today is the first of many steps, and I look forward with gratitude to each day and each new step.

Margaret ❤



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The Art Of Choosing.

When I look back over my life and the choices I have made, I wonder what on earth I was thinking at the time. Some have been great choices, some have been bad choices and some have been in the “what the hell, why not” category. Most have led me to where I am now, and although I sometimes complain about things, I do know that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

The lessons I have learned from the choices I have made have been huge. I am independent, mostly, and can tackle most things without worrying if they will turn out or not. But, there are times where I have made choices, and they were good choices, and I didn’t follow through with it all.

Why do we get ourselves to a point where we know what we want, how we want it and sometimes even how to get it and then just let it all slip away? Is it the thrill of the wanting, but the actual getting is not important? Is it fear of the actual getting? Why would we be scared of getting what we hope and dream for?

My hopes and dreams are all written down in lists. Multiple lists. I have lists for everything. They all sit neatly in a pile of exercise books and collect dust. I write them down and get all excited about the possibilities, then put the book away and promptly forget all about it.

I choose to choose but do not choose to reach. I choose to choose but do not choose to try. I choose for the sake of choosing. Then I choose not to proceed. My art of choosing needs serious updating.

So how to get from the choosing to the reaching and succeeding. Do I have to force myself to watch every moment to make sure I am not forgetting my chosen choice? That will only make the choice something that I will end up despising at most or a chore at the least.

For me, at this time in my life, focus is going to be very important. I have always flitted from one thing to another. Always chasing the elusive something that will make everything perfect, and in doing that missing all the important small stuff that goes on around me.

So now I am going to throw out the lists, all of them. They only serve to remind me of the failures and the lost opportunities that I have let slip through my fingers. Then I am going to choose.

Happiness, joy, love and abundance.

That is the only choice I really need to make. When I succeed at allowing these into my life, then anything else will follow naturally. No pushing, no fighting, no chores and no lists required. It’s all there, all I have to do is accept it all. Allow them to enter my life and ask them to stay. Simple.

Life does not need to be a big dramatic series of events. It merely needs to be allowed to flow. It needs to be. When you wake in the morning let your first words to yourself be words of encouragement, words of happiness and words of expectation of all that you can be.

What will you choose today?

Margaret ❤

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