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Message From My Higher Self

In order to realise your dreams and move forward, you need to begin within. Your ideals and ideas are not configured into the one space and so you need to rearrange, as it were, the thoughts, ideas and ideals into a space of balance. A type of merging of what you want, while working on why you went through what you have and why, the lessons you have learned and the reasons for them.

Why do you feel less than others? Why do the opinions of others mean so much to you? Their opinions are not who you are and you have spent far too many years fitting yourself into the space that others have formed for you.

This is not the authentic you, this is not who you are or who you were meant to be. You have wandered so far off your path that you have lost your way and have become reliant on allowing others to lead you, and lead you they have. Not always into your perfect space and not always in your best interests.

Releasing and letting go of all you have held onto for so many years is the way out of this confining space. You must start within, that is the only place to begin and all will fail without this work. Do not fear this going within, for it is a path chosen by you in order to to find your way back to authenticity.

The real you aches to be released. You know this. You have thoughts and ideas of what you should look like, what you should be doing and how you should be living. Yet you still push it all away because it does not fit with the thoughts and ideas of those around you. You have allowed far too many people to take over the running of your life and in order to progress you must take back your power.

We understand the human difficulties you face weigh heavily on your mind and know that this prohibits you from relaxing  enough to allow healing. We also know that you do have the power within you to overcome this and so much more.

Look back at the life you have lived, how many times have you overcome disaster, poverty, depression, anger, panic and fear? Then realise that things always work out. You will do so again but it is up to you to learn this lesson for one last time in order to release it and let it go. If you do not then it will be repeated many times over until you understand and move forward.

This is not a forecast of doom and gloom, you are quite capable. More than you realise and comparing yourself to others over the years has worn down your confidence and your get up and go. This is why you procrastinate so much, you fully expect to do the work and have it either taken away from you or have it all fall apart and have to begin again.

We know you tire of beginning again and have no wish to repeat over and over again. This however is your choice and only you can change this. You know this to be true. We will assist as you ask but the work must be done by you. You have to want to change. You have to want to give up your past and all that it entails. You have to want to move into success.

Your intention in all of this is what is important. Know that you are more than capable. we repeat this because it is important and it is something that you push away and yet you desire it so much. Rely now upon your own inner thoughts for they are what rule your life, not what others think. What they think or do is their choice and what they mirror upon you is their own feelings of failure that they have no desire to take ownership of.

Reflect this back to where it has come from and look at your own authentic self and see the truth. We only wish for you to live as you wish to and regardless of the choices you make, we will guide and assist you. If you still choose to follow the path of the past we will be with you, but here you will become stuck.

You will not make any progress upon your path until you make the changes needed. This is your moment to alter the path you are on and to make the huge changes that weigh so heavily upon your mind and heart. Know that they are important and that you will survive and flourish when you so choose. It is your choice and choose you must. Think carefully and follow your inner most thoughts as this is the way for you.

We are here and we love you and we will always love you.

Margaret ❤




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Spots and Excuses

I woke up one morning last week with a few spots on my arms. Ignored them and went on my way. Woke up the next day with a few more and then found them all over myself. So now I have been trying to figure out what has gone wrong this time. I seem to be moving from one illness or pain to another with almost clockwork timing. As one thing clears another begins.

Am I allergic to something or is it something a little more sinister? I have had all the normal things that cause rashes. My boss joked that I was probably allergic to work, and I am beginning to think he is right.

I seem to come up with physical ailments at the drop of a hat this last year or so. Whenever I get a little negative something happens. Whenever I need a rest, something happens. Whenever I am annoyed or angry, something happens. I seem to have a reason for not doing things lately.

I have an excuse for everything. It’s not that I don’t see it or know that I am doing it, because I do, I just can’t control it….yet. Trying to get me out of my comfort zone is like pulling your nails off, just doesn’t happen without a lot of pain. Pain mind you, that if I just took the damn step would not be needed. I know there are changes I need to make, changes that I must make, but taking that first step towards them is a step that seems so big and scary that I am not sure I can do it. So then come all the excuses for not doing it. I can make up an excuse on the spot for almost everything. the only excuse I do not use is the the true one: fear.

I am not really sure why I fear moving forward and doing the things I have always dreamed of doing. I have the most magnificent ideas on what my life would and could be like but fear has always stopped me from going after those dreams. Am I scared of actually getting there? Am I scared of succeeding? If I succeed, what is next, if anything? Do I love the journey more than the goal? The journey should be the best part, but for me the journey stops at step one. I manifested pain in my leg and hip, that stops me from walking properly. Emotionally not  being able to move is also physically stopping me from walking.

I can only use these excuses for so long, eventually I will run out and have to actually move from my little spot and go out into the real world. Once I take that step I know it will all be worth it. My life will fall into place and all my dreams will begin to become reality. My spots will disappear and be replaced with something else, until I take that step. For now it seems that I prefer the pain to the changes, and that needs to stop. Changing my life would be far less painful and much easier than it is at the moment. I am letting my pain, and my spots and my excuses take control of everything.

It is time to take back my power. Leave the excuses behind and make a move. I will start with something small, something that does not scare me as much as the bigger things. Just one small thing to set it all in motion. After this things should begin to flow. Everything will fall into place and I will be on my way. It is time to leave behind the spots, the excuses, the maybes and the one days. Now is the time to move, now while I see how I am sabotaging myself and blocking myself.

Are you ready to take that step? I think I am. I know I am.

Margaret ❤


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