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The Perfection In A Moment


Sitting at my desk today, watching the rain fall outside my window. The beads of raindrops sitting on each leaf of the bushes, all of them perfect in their own special little way. Perfection is something that we all think about a lot. Are we perfect? Are those around us perfect? What do we really think perfection is, and does the person standing next to you feel the same way?

As I watch the raindrops land, sit for a moment, then roll of the leaves, I see that the perfect of a moment ago change into the perfection of now.

Perfection changes from moment to moment. Each fraction of time holds a something that once gone is never repeated again. Each moment is different, each thought, each action, all different. Yet all perfect in their own way. When we look at something that we love, we can often want for that second of time to stand still.That one moment is something that we would, if we could, keep for eternity, As that now passes and a new now appears, it all changes into something else and again we wish for time to stand still in order to relish the perfection which now stands before us.

So often we grieve for those moments gone, the times when we think we have it all. Then something else comes along and we get caught up in the majestic dance of perfection all over again. If only we could be and stay grateful for each of those moments. We would never have to grieve for them again. If we could come to the point where we expect each moment to come, to be something filled with joy and beauty, then we would never again mourn what has passed.

Each moment is stored in our memories, in our hearts and never forgotten. Just filed away until we call upon the emotion that filled that special instant of now. That emotion of joy, of beauty and of love that can change things so quickly. Now is where we are, now is all there is. Now is what we must focus upon. To fill each moment of now with love and the emotions of joy, is something we should all aspire to. To live now, is to forgo worry about the past or the future. The past has gone, you can only change your memories of it. The future is yet to be and that is totally your choice. The decisions and choices you make now, form the future that is yet to be.

There is no point to wishing for something tomorrow, or to have something next week. You do not control what happens then you only control what happens now. Open yourself up to allowing now to be more important. Ask yourself, what can I do now that ensures I can have the life I want? Feel the energy of the life you want, now. Feel the emotions of the life you want, now.

Living in the future, wanting for the future only reminds us of the life we have now. If you are not happy now then wishing for things to be different in the future won’t change anything. Feel the joy now, feel the perfection of the moment now. Understand that each moment is different but each moment is perfection in itself. Life can be nothing but perfect, it is up to us to open our eyes and see it.

Watching the raindrops roll off the leaves, I now understand. Each raindrop has become something new in each moment since it fell from the sky. It has changed from what it was to what it is and although it is different it is still perfect. Each of us are as perfect as that raindrop, and now is the time to see it and understand it. We may change from day to day but each moment of our existence is perfection. No exception.

Try it for yourselves. Choose a moment and see the perfection instead of any imperfection you would normally focus on. How does this change what you see and what you feel?

The perfection of a moment is all it takes to change the world.

Margaret ❤




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