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Pure Potential

Potential, the possibility of development, something we all have. Or so you would think. Where does this potential begin? What spurs it into action? What has to line up in order for this potential to turn into action and achievement?

Your potential for anything comes from within. It is what you are born with, it is something that develops as you grow and learn. Something that is always there whether you believe it or not. Can you force it before it is ready? Can you stop it once it starts to gain momentum? Can you hide from it and hope it all goes away?

We are all born with ideas and thoughts and dreams and goals. We work on them while we dream, while we work and while we play. They develop from a small spark into a thunderous avalanche of movement and action. Your passion develops it, your love develops it and each moment of each day that you spend thinking about what you would love to do, it grows just that little bit more. Until finally you are ready to take center stage and bring it full force out into the world, for everyone to see.

Will everyone be as excited as you are? Not likely….. but your excitement is what drives your potential. As it gathers strength and rolls along others begin to see and understand what you have been talking about for so long. They see a small spark of potential in your idea, and so the potential grows even more. Until one day you wake up, and boom your potential has blossomed into a fully fledged reality. Are you proud?, damn right, are you excited?, more than you ever thought you could be.

If you could bottle that magical feeling that comes when you achieve your potential, you would be rich. It would be sold out in moments. Everyone wants and needs to feel that elation of success. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it just has to be something that you nurtured with love. Something that grew with you, something that made everything worthwhile.

You do understand your potential is unlimited, right? Everyday you can tap into your inner most thoughts and bring forth something into being. Everyday! That magical feeling of success and achievement can be yours everyday. Open yourself up to it, allow it space in your thoughts, allow it space in your heart. Allow it the chance to break through the surface and grow. Allow yourself to accept it, allow yourself to feel it, and allow yourself to understand that this is what life is all about. Not slaving away in a job you dislike, sitting in traffic jams just to get to a place that depresses you. No, life is more than that, life is feeling the beauty of everything around you, life is achieving something beautiful out of seemingly nothing.

Every night when you go to bed, think about what you could potentially do tomorrow. Every morning when you wake think about what you could potentially do today. Then go out and make something happen. Allow that spark of pure potentiality a chance to emerge and grow.

Go on, I dare you….

Margaret ❤





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